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Bottled Water Services

At Cold Country Bottled Water, our water flows through a strict multi-step filtration process consisting of carbon filtration, water softening, reverse osmosis, micron filtration and ozonation, before it can be bottled and considered Cold Country Bottled Water.   

We also carry only commercial grade water dispensers to ensure refreshing and pure water.  Choose from standard top load, bottom load or bottle-free coolers and more.

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Delivered Right to Your Home or Office

It's  easy to enjoy great-tasting bottled water delivered right to your home or office.   Carrying your own bottled water can be tasking and time consuming. Let Cold Country Bottled Water save you the hassle by bringing the great taste of our bottled water right to your door! 

Bottled Water Delivery

Find Cold Country In Stores

5 gallon bottles of Cold Country Bottled Water are available at a variety of locations for added convenience:

  • Albertsons, Cut Bank and Shelby

  • Cut Bank Big Sky Foods, Cut Bank

  • Glacier Family Foods, Browning

  • Glacier Way C Store, Browning

  • Glacier Park Trading Company, East Glacier

Where To Buy

Which Water Dispenser is Right for You?

Water coolers are for more than just the office. They are ideal for larger needs such as refilling drinking glasses, water bottles, or when cooking. Cold Country Bottled Water has both bottled water and bottle-free coolers available in a variety of options to suit your style.  Bottled water coolers are designed to dispense bottled water from returnable 3 and 5 gallon bottles.  Bottle-free coolers connect directly to your water source.

Water Coolers
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